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August Employee of the Month



Jarvis was chosen by his peers at August Employee of the Month for his quick & professional reaction to one of our clients who had food lodged within his windpipe.  Jarvis provided the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR that saved our client’s life.

What is St. Andrew Bay Center?

Since 1957, St. Andrew Bay Center, a non-profit agency in Lynn Haven, Florida has provided support and opportunities for adults with disabilities. Designed around individual needs, all of our services assist individuals to become as self-sufficient and independent as possible.

Personal quality of life flourishes for most citizens in our community, however, for individuals with disabilities these opportunities do not often occur by themselves. St. Andrew Bay Center facilitates those opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Bay County. We offer a unique blend of training and services for over 200 individuals with disabilities in our community.



WJHG News Story about a Special Group of People

This is a story from WJHG about cookies for Warrior Beach Retreat Veterans.  See photos at end of story.


St. Andrew Bay Center is making sure the “treat” part of “retreat” stays in its name this weekend.

The center is a non-profit organization that helps adults with disabilities become independent.  All day Wednesday, clients who go to the St. Andrew Bay Center made the kitchen their home so that when the veterans who are participating in this weekend’s Warrior Beach Retreat come to Panama City Beach they will feel welcome.  “We’re making 25 dozens brownies and 25 dozen cookies,” said Kathie Riley, the Employment Specialist at the St. Andrew Bay Center.  All 25 veterans will each get a dozen of each.
“They love baking brownies and cookies,” added Debbie Bryan, one of the center’s trainers.  Like any recipe, ingredients are key.  “The mixes, and the cookies and the other stuff that we made before, everything was donated,” said Riley.  Although cooking so many treats may seem like a sticky situation, volunteers say it’s a piece of cake.  “I like to help out and stuff,” said Shannon Cluff, a client at the center. Employees say learning how to correctly use ingredients isn’t the only lesson their clients will learn from this experience.  “We’re teaching math skills,” said Bryan. “As far as cooking.”  “We’re making cookies here but you could translate that into making something else at home,” added Riley.  Riley and Bryan say they are able to help so many others because of the help and generous donations from the community. That’s why they enjoy participating in acts of kindness like this one.  “They’re learning to give back to the community just like the community gives to us,” said Riley.  Make no mistake the group of clients knows exactly why they’re doing this and who they’re doing it for.

“My daughter’s in Iraq,” said Cluff.
“You must be a proud mom?” asked Samantha Read.
“Yeah I am.”

The River Youth Group Send Thank You Notes!

A few weeks ago, we were blessed to have the youth group with The River Church from Forsyth, Missouri come and volunteer helping us wash & vacuum our vans, provide yard services, build a ramp and assist us in our community thrift store. The work they did was greatly appreciated.  In addition to the work performed, the group spent time with SABC clients. Last week The River Church sent Thank You Notes to our clients!

Thanks to this group for their hard work and a kind gesture! It is greatly appreciated! See the Happy Faces below.

Beach 95.1 “Beach Party” Sponsor!

Excited to announce that Beach 95.1 has joined St. Andrew Bay Center as one of our media sponsors for our upcoming “Beach Party!

Beach PartyWBPC-FM (Beach 95.1) plays “The Greatest Hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s” from studios in the heart of the business district of Panama City, FL. Our signal reaches a large part of the Florida Panhandle, from Destin to Mexico Beach, and “from the state line to the coastline.” Beach 95.1 is operated by Beach Radio, Inc. Our owners and our personalities are local. We live here, we work here, and we make our business decisions here, not in some far-off city. Beach 95.1 is part of your community.

[Learn More About Attending SABC “Beach Party”]

Down Syndrome Worker Gets Retirement Party

A Massachusetts McDonald’s threw a worker with Down syndrome a retirement party for her 32 years of service to the fast food restaurant.  Freia David worked the french fry station at the Chestnut Street McDonald’s in Needham for 32 years before she announced her retirement a few days ago.  “It was nice, I’m really happy,” David told CBS Boston. “I like all my friends here.”

Retirement PartyHer friends from the restaurant and the community in Needham came to wish her well.  “When she sees any kids in the lobby, she started making fries and comes out and says ‘Hi sweetie.’ She’s a lovely, lovely girl,” says Rony Sandoval, the restaurant’s manager to CBS Boston.  Her coworkers said that she would give her fellow employees a hug at the beginning of each shift.  “Freia is a terrific employee,” a representative for McDonald’s said to CBS Boston. “We learned a lot more from her than she could ever learn from us.”  David lives at the Charles River Center, a Needham-based home for the developmentally disabled.  She was one of the first people to get a job through the Charles River Center’s job placement program. David said that although she’ll miss her job, she’s looking forward to retirement at the Center, where she will build upon her skills that she’s already learned.  “I get to relax and take care of myself,” she said.

Source: CBS Boston




Helping Others

Americans With Disabilities: Giving Back and Growing at the Same Time

People with disabilities serve for the same reasons as anyone else: to give back to their communities, and to become more active and engaged. Many find that service offers real-life work experience, allowing opportunities to test career paths, sharpen skills, and define employment goals and interests. The individuals profiled here represent a small sampling of the many people with disabilities engaged in national and community service. These stories illustrate the diversity of members with disabilities and their service experiences, and show how a national service experience can contribute to employment.

Dwight Owens AmeriCorps State: Linking Individuals to Neighborhoods and Communities (LINC) Collins, Mississippi

Dwight Owens won the 2010 Spirit of Service Award given to an outstanding AmeriCorps member. Dwight served as a member of LINC, where he helped connect people with disabilities with resources and supports to facilitate independence. Dwight remarks that he was proud to help others to gain independence while working to gain independence himself. In 2005, Dwight was a teacher and football coach when he sustained a spinal-cord injury after being struck by a drunk driver. He says that service increased his self-confidence and taught him he could inspire others through his own struggle for independence. Since his accident, Dwight has used his teaching experience to conduct many presentations in schools, churches, and prisons to discourage drinking and driving. Reflecting on his national service experience, Dwight says, “You can’t help but feel good when you are helping other people smile.” He says his national service experience has helped to develop his own self-awareness that he now uses in his public speaking and advocacy.

Frank Meyer Volunteer St. Louis, Missouri

Frank Meyer is a senior who engages in service for organizations across his community, including the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, a local charter school, and the Ronald McDonald House. Frank describes how volunteering has not only given him an opportunity to serve his community, but has also increased his sense of self-worth. Service has even helped his physical wellbeing by keeping him active. Frank’s limited mobility has not curtailed his service to the community. In his many different volunteer positions, he serves as an usher, answers phones, helps to plan community events, and evaluates accessibility for people with disabilities. He was also one of he first bell ringers in St. Louis for the Salvation Army. Frank says he has always been interested in service because he finds it “difficult to spend all [his] time doing nothing…There are really so many things to get into.”

Lise Pace AmeriCorps VISTA Service: Bosma Enterprises Indianapolis, Indiana

During her service year, Lise Pace volunteered for Bosma Enterprises, an organization that supports individuals with visual disabilities. Lise, who has retinitis pigmentosa, trained and recruited many volunteers herself. Lise talks about being very shy and uncertain when she began her VISTA service. She thought that her newly acquired disability precluded her from employment entirely. In spite of this, Lise went on to design and implement a volunteer program that allowed people with disabilities to serve in programs such as Habitat for Humanity. After her service year, Lise was hired as a full-time employee for an AmeriCorps program. She is now very comfortable with public speaking. In fact, through the corporate volunteering program, Lise trained volunteers from all levels within the 150- employee company. Lise said of her VISTA experience, “I really was just like a flower that hadn’t been watered…Once I got watered, I just really blossomed and started standing up straighter.” Her service experience improved her confidence and provided an opportunity for her to rejoin the workforce.

Jennifer Wayne Byerly AmeriCorps State: GRADD Senior Connections Owensboro, Kentucky

Jennifer Wayne Byerly never imagined that joining AmeriCorps would turn into what she calls “the catalyst to change my life.” Jennifer used her professional experience and the training she received in AmeriCorps to work with organizations including the Red Cross, the Medical Reserve Corps, and the Community Emergency Response Team to help seniors and people with disabilities prepare for disasters and other emergencies. Jennifer became one of the first Red Cross Disaster Response Team members to self-identify as a person with a disability. As a result, she became the first person with a mental health-related disability to serve as a consumer representative on a psychiatric response team. Jennifer credits her experiences in AmeriCorps as contributing to her being awarded a grant that will enable her to, as she says, “do even more service in my rural community.”

Oyo Fummilayo AmeriCorps State: 21st Century Program Danville, Kentucky

Oyo Fummilayo was unemployed before she served as a literacy specialist at a middle school. Having previous experience working with teenagers, she specifically chose a middle school because of her passionate belief that pre-teens are at a particularly critical point in their education, when they either become excited about learning or lose interest. Oyo taught the students how to write a newsletter, which they continued after her term of service. She says that her service was a steppingstone to everything she has done subsequently. Her service experience confirmed what she already suspected: She would find her true career in helping others. After her service, Oyo was appointed to the Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities. Her interest in supporting people with disabilities is not because she has a disability but because, she says, “I believe that everybody needs to be included in everything…Everything we do should be available to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not.”


Source: National Service.Gov

Assistive Computer Devices & Software

Definition: Defining the Meaning of Computer Software Accessibility

Latest Computer Devices and Software Publications – Click Here for Full List (146 Items)

Source: Disabled World

SABC Support Wounded Warrior Retreat

Twice every year some of our country’s wounded warriors come to Panama City to be honored by being loved on by our community and by being treated to a week of fun. This event is sponsored by Warrior Beach Retreat. Each time they come to town our wonderful, loving community makes this possible by donating lodging, food, fun activities and anything and everything else needed to make the event special for everyone involved. During the September 2016 retreat St. Andrew Bay Center clients will have an opportunity to honor these brave men and women who have served our country by baking cookies and brownies for the warriors. Our clients will use our new cafeteria to make 25 dozen cookies and 25 dozen brownies for the warriors.

I am asking if you would like to contribute to this effort by providing cookie mix, brownie mix or a small monetary contribution or gift card to purchase the groceries.  If you would be willing to help let me know and I will come by and pick up your contribution. If a bunch of us give just a little bit we will have what we need quickly.

Thank you so much for your consideration. The clients of St. Andrew Bay Center are truly blessed to be able to be a part of this.


Kathie Riley

St. Andrew Bay Center



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Down Syndrome Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Down Syndrome: An Overview

While some people have many Down syndrome symptoms, others have only a few. At least 100 characteristics are associated with the condition, including a flat facial profile, an upward slant to the eye, and learning disabilities. In addition, people with Down syndrome are at increased risk of developing certain medical conditions not necessarily associated with Down syndrome, such as congenital heart disease. The extra chromosome 21 arrangement of Down syndrome appears to be one of the most common genetic abnormalities known, occurring as frequently as 1 in every 800 to 1,000 births. While Down syndrome is common, the symptoms an individual with Down syndrome experiences can vary. Some people may have several symptoms; others only a few. Some people experience severe symptoms of Down syndrome; others can have mild ones.

Characteristics of Down Syndrome Symptoms

There are estimated to be over 100 characteristics of Down syndrome. Common characteristics of Down syndrome can include:
  • A flat facial profile
  • An upward slant to the eye
  • A short neck
  • Abnormally shaped ears
  • White spots on the iris of the eye (called Brushfield spots)
  • A single, deep transverse crease on the palm of the hand
  • Smaller than average size
  • Exaggerated space between the first and second toe
  • Poor muscle tone (called hypotonia)
  • Joint looseness
  • Broad feet with short toes
  • Learning disabilities.

Symptoms of Other Conditions Associated With Down Syndrome

Besides the physical characteristics, people with Down syndromeare also at increased risk of developing certain medical conditions that come with their own set of symptoms. Some of these conditions can include:

Down Syndrome Symptoms: Summary

Not everyone with these possible Down syndrome symptoms has the disorder. A number of these features can be seen in the general population, and these symptoms are common in other disorders. Anyone with potential symptoms of Down syndrome should be seen by a healthcare provider so that the problem can be properly diagnosed.


Sources: MedTV

Sparkle Hacks Support St. Andrew Bay Center

Sparkle Hacks is Heather Huppmann & Elizabeth Burke

They are passionate about helping people feel better, and are  passionate about helping those in need. Here’s one way we are working to do BOTH!  Are you ready to get healthier? Do you need some support? Are you ready to give our proven solution a try?

Red, White & YOU Charity Weight Loss Challenge

Here’s the PERFECT way to get started! Join our Red, White & YOU Charity Weight Loss Challenge today, and help yourself WHILE helping others. The challenge will offer many things to help support you on your journey! We’ll have weekly menus with recipes, daily challenges and encouragement on our private facebook group, weekly give aways as well as a grand prize challenge! You’ll love the benefits you get from this event!

Who Challenge is Benefiting

St. Andrew Bay Center and Misty, a young lady who lies with MD and needs a modified van, will share in funds raised.


[Learn More Here]