SABC Support Wounded Warrior Retreat

Twice every year some of our country’s wounded warriors come to Panama City to be honored by being loved on by our community and by being treated to a week of fun. This event is sponsored by Warrior Beach Retreat. Each time they come to town our wonderful, loving community makes this possible by donating lodging, food, fun activities and anything and everything else needed to make the event special for everyone involved. During the September 2016 retreat St. Andrew Bay Center clients will have an opportunity to honor these brave men and women who have served our country by baking cookies and brownies for the warriors. Our clients will use our new cafeteria to make 25 dozen cookies and 25 dozen brownies for the warriors.

I am asking if you would like to contribute to this effort by providing cookie mix, brownie mix or a small monetary contribution or gift card to purchase the groceries.  If you would be willing to help let me know and I will come by and pick up your contribution. If a bunch of us give just a little bit we will have what we need quickly.

Thank you so much for your consideration. The clients of St. Andrew Bay Center are truly blessed to be able to be a part of this.


Kathie Riley

St. Andrew Bay Center



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