Special Education Week

When you have a “normal” child, who meets developmental benchmarks as expected, you are happy. When he or she gets good grades (and you share that they made the honor roll on your Facebook page) you’re happy. When your child does as he/she is told, you are happy. It is a “normal” joy, because, of course, it is his/her duty.
BUT- when you have a kid with some limitations, with each learning and small success, you pulsate and vibrate as if you had won a championship, because they have. I would like to ask you a great favor on an important subject:

It is Special Education week, not only for children with Down syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD or ADD, but also for kids/teens with special needs; those who struggle every day to succeed, who battle disorders or learning issues over which they may have no control, and those who help them progress to various achievements and independence.

It would be great to teach our children to be kind and to accept all their classmates. Kids with special needs want what every kid wants: to be accepted! And they suffer greatly when they are rejected or mocked.