Running Scared: 5K Zombie Run Volunteer Sign Up

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Helpful Articles

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Helpful Articles   Explaining special needs to your child: 15 great children’s books How to Remodel for Accessibility Developing Your Blind Child’s Sleep Schedule How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility Healthy Eating Advice for Wheelchair-bound People How to … Read More

SABC is Now The ARC of the Bay

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St. Andrew Bay Center is now The Arc of the Bay and is proud to join The Arc’s national brand in the spirit of energy and a renewed commitment to providing opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, (I/DD) … Read More

Needs List

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Take a look at St. Andrew Bay Center’s Needs List. Please consider fulfilling some of the needs to help with our mission to the community.

Victoria’s Last Bite Fundraiser – Success!

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Victoria’s Last Bite was another huge successful fundraiser with community engagement for SABC!! Our goal was to raise $1,000 by selling 100 tickets at $10 while getting our clients involved in culinary skills. Looks right now that we raised $1562 with expenses coming in around $100 for flyers, croissant bread…we ran out & tea.

St. Andrew Bay Center helps Clients Chase their Dreams

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Here’s a story in the Panama City News Herald the front page with Shirley’s Dream. Folks, I tell my sons daily that there is no FREE lunch, that it is so important to understand that if you are eating a FREE meal, please understand someone paid your debt. Panama City News Herald Team, today’s article is truly priceless! Our gratitude is overwhelming! Thank you for helping us share our story and mission! Speechless which anyone knows me, that’s rare!
On behalf of our 230 clients, staff and board…”THANK YOU!”

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